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Dog Training Exercises

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3 Techniques To Teach Your Dog Commands

A dog is a man’s best friend is what they say, because the level of friendship and the bond between a dog and their owner is unparalleled. When you train your dog, it enhances that bond even further, and it also increases the pleasure of the time you spend together. Studies have proven that properly trained dogs are happier than untrained dogs, and that is something that most pet owners simply don’t know. So in this article we will look to cover some simple examples of some very effective dog training techniques that anyone can use to teach their dog some basic skills.

Teaching Your Dog To Sit

Probably the most well know command is the ‘sit’ command, and this is the one you should be starting with, as it’s simple for both you and your furred friend to get right. You should use a treat he enjoys as a reward for good behavior – this is a basic tip that works well for any type of dog training. Next you’ll be required to attack a leash to your dog’s collar so you have a steady hold on him. Now show your dog the treat you have in your hand and hold it above his head, making him look up, and then say the magic word: Sit! On occasion, by simply holding the treat above him will automatically make your dog sit, but if he doesn’t, gently press your other hand on his rear while saying ‘sit’ again. When he finally sits, immediately reward him with the delicious treat and praise him for being a good boy/girl. Rewarding him instantly after correctly executing the command is crucial for the dog to understand what is required of him.

Teaching Your Dog To Lie Down

Once your dog has learned how to sit on command, the 2nd most common thing you should be teaching him is to lie down. Once again, we’ll use a nice treat as a reward for accomplishment. You begin this exercise by first asking your dog to once again sit, but this time, don’t reward him for sitting, hold the treat off for just a bit. While being in the sitting position, hold the treat in front of him close to the floor and give the “lie down” command. Once again, if your dog doesn’t automatically get what he’s supposed to be doing, put your other hand gently on the dog’s shoulder and press him down lightly, or even a small tug downward with the leash. When he finally lies down is the perfect time to instantly reward him with the treat. Please remember that the tone of your voice is also of big importance, so make sure you have a warm, friendly, loving tone, you’ll get faster and better results.

Teaching Your Dog To Stay

The last of the 3 main commands is the stay command, and this one is highest in difficulty out of the 3. You’ll have to choose a specific time in the day to practice this, at a moment when your dog is mellow and relaxed. Temperament is very important, so performing this training when your dog is overly excited or in a very playful mood will simply not work. Once again we will use a treat just like before, and you will first ask the dog to either sit or stay. Once he has executed that command, hold your hand in front of him (think of the Police officer signaling someone to STOP with their hand) and say “stay!”. The dog needs to stay there without moving for at least 4 or 5 seconds at which point you can give him the treat. It is very important for them to actually stay unmoved for the full 5 seconds for the command to have succeeded. You will have to try again and again until he finally understands the command, and you can praise him when he finally gets it. To help him increase the time in which he ‘stays’, you’ll have to hold off on your praise longer and longer as you keep practicing the command.

These are 3 of the most popular commands and techniques people use to train their dogs. Remember however that you need to have patience, a positive attitude and also understand that on some days your dog might just not be up for it. Stay kind in your interactions with him and he’ll reward you later on.

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Reasons Why Your Dog Has Gas

Canine gas isn’t anything pleasant to have to deal with, so let’s look at a few causes and solutions for this uncomfortable problem, for both you and your dog.

What Are The Possible Causes

Usually canine flatulence comes from a minor cause, and on rare occasions it can be a sign of a more serious issue. If the flatulence comes with signs of severe pain or lack of appetite, you’ll probably want to take your dog to the vet as quickly as possible. When you suspect something serious might be going on, never hesitate to call your local vet to see how you should proceed.

Other than that, let us look at some of the more common causes of this condition.

  • Eating too fast – larger breeds tend to have this issue. The dog will finish his meal quickly, gulping down a lot of air which will reach his intestines. An easy solution would be to give your dog smaller portions, so split one regular meal into 3 smaller ones.
  • Changing diet – some breeds won’t take kindly to sudden diet changes, or changes in brand even. Try to stay consistent in feeding him the dog food he likes and is used to. If you feel a change of diet is needed, consult your vet for the best way to approach it.
  • Worms – worms are well known to cause gas and can be unpleasant for your doggy. It is always recommended you treat your dog for worms on a yearly basis, but if you do encounter worms in his stool you might need to do this more often.
  • Low quality food – always go for quality dog food and avoid feeding him off the table. This can cause several issues including poor health and flatulence.
  • Bad bacteria – Sometimes your dog will ingest bacteria, it is unavoidable. Obviously this can eventually cause issues, so adding some probiotics to his food to establish a good balance is recommended.

These are just a few causes and solutions to dealing with this bothersome condition.

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How To Deal With Excessive Barking

Dogs bark as a form of communication but also a form of expression. However some bark more than others, and if your dog barks way too much and way too often, it can become a stressful problem. You could be having unhappy neighbors giving you nasty looks or verbal abuse, you could have trouble sleeping because of excessive barking and you could get mentally tired as well. A sad reality is that a lot of dog owners give up their pets if they bark excessively, but this doesn’t have to be the only solution. Let us analyze some of the reasons some dogs bark and look at some tips to help them stop barking too much.

Why Dogs Bark

There are several reasons why a dog likes to bark, so let’s list a few of them. Dogs can bark out of boredom, they’re in need of attention, they spotted something they interpret as a threat and want to warn you, they feel a lack of communication, they’re afraid or lonely. Some will even bark because they really enjoy doing it and find it entertaining.

How To Keep The Barking Under Control

What you need to do to keep this under control is not to allow this to become a habit early on. As soon as the dog is part of your household, you need to take some time to teach them that some behaviors are good and others are bad. Some are acceptable and some aren’t acceptable. By using vocal commands like “No Barking” or even “Stop” when they bark, your dog will learn that it bothers you when he does that excessively. When they stop barking because of your command, praise them for listening to you – this will show them that they’ve done good, and will remember the next time you give them that vocal command. Use a firm voice when using this command, but make sure it is not an angry or unfriendly tone, as your dog can sense that and become disillusioned or depressed. You can also reward him with a treat when he obeys to further establish the fact that he did well in stopping after you command.

Praise Your Dog

When you are very positive with your dog is when they learn the fastest. Every time your dog does something well, praise them vocally, pet them, give them treats. As soon as they bark too much or do something wrong, tell them to stop, and again praise them when they do. This type of positive reinforcement is key to a good relationship between human and dog, and it will make your bond even stronger.

Be careful however to not accidentally praise unwanted behavior. Some people feel the need to pet and stroke the dog when he is barking in an attempt to calm him down, but this will actually tell the dog you are rewarding that behavior, so they’ll actually be more encouraged to bark.

It’s important to understand how to properly teach good behavior and how to stop the bad.  By using these simple tips you’re well on your way to better control your dog’s behavior and make both your lives a lot easier.

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